Countryside Conservancy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit land trust committed to protecting and connecting greenspace in and near the Tunkhannock Creek watershed for the public benefit, now and for future generations.

Countryside Conservancy is a member of the Land Trust Alliance and of the Pennsylvania Land Trust Association. Countryside Conservancy is also an accredited land trust through the Land Trust Accreditation Commission.

501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

Countryside Conservancy was established in 1994 by citizens concerned about the loss of distinctive features in our regional landscape in northeastern Pennsylvania. Our non-profit organization works within Lackawanna, Susquehanna and Wyoming counties to preserve lands through cooperative agreements with landowners and through direct acquisition with funding from both public and private resources.

Permanent Protection

To date, the Conservancy has permanently protected nearly 1,500 acres of lands and waters in northeast Pennsylvania. Some lands have been protected through a private agreement with landowners, others through acquisition and ownership by the Conservancy. Lands owned by the Conservancy are open for public education and recreation.

The Conservancy is also working to turn the right-of-way of the former Northern Electric Trolley in Lackawanna and Wyoming counties into a non-motorized recreational trail.

Our Staff

Bill Kern

Executive Director

Executive Director since 2010, he holds a BA in Biology from Ithaca College and an MA in Environmental Studies from Brown University. Prior to joining the Conservancy, he worked for Green Energy Outreach Services (GEOS), a public relations and grassroots organizing firm specializing in the renewable energy industry. As a native of Wyoming County, he enjoys mountain biking, camping and hiking with his wife, Nora, and their dog, F. Spott Fitzgerald.



Cheryl became the Conservancy’s first employee in 1999. She holds an MS in Human Services Administration with extensive administrative experience in non-profit organizations. She has served as project manager for trail improvement projects, feasibility studies, urban forestry projects and greenway planning, and is now leading the Conservancy’s Trolley Trail team. Cheryl resides in Wyoming County with her husband and son.



A Luzerne County native, Shannon joined the Countryside Conservancy with a strong background in office administration and a great deal of energy and enthusiasm for environmental conservation. When time permits her to be away from her office responsibilities, Shannon can be found spending time in the great outdoors enjoying life to the fullest. Shannon, an active Mom of three children, currently resides in the Clarks Summit area with her family.

Board of Directors

Countryside Conservancy’s Board of Directors is a hard-working, all-volunteer body that carries much of the organization’s workload. Our serving Board members are:
Bill Booth

Vice President:
Andrew Bell

Mike Williamson

Kate Crowley

Pat Acker
Bonnie Alco
Kathy Aubrey
Dorrance Belin
Will Chamberlin
Jim Dougherty
Kathleen Graff
Melissa Kirtley

Kim Kost Scanlon
Gretchen Ludders
Matt Mackie
Abby Peck
Elaine Shepard
Bill Tersteeg
Michelle Tierney
Jim Vipond

Countryside Conservancy

We work to keep green spaces green in northeast PA!
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Countryside Conservancy Trolley Trail
Looking like a perfect weekend to hit the Trolley Trail and thanks to Eric Simakaski and Troop 251, you can fine-tune your bike during your ride!

Photo credit: Abington Journal & Brad Smith
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Happy Valentine’s Day from all your favorite trees!
Countryside Conservancy
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The Church of the Epiphany - Glenburn Twp, Pennsylvania
Tomorrow is the day and it’s going to be perfect!
Countryside Conservancy
Countryside Conservancy1 week ago
“Look again at that dot. That's here. That's home. That's us.” — Carl Sagan

A newly processed version of the iconic ‘Pale Blue Dot’ image shows Earth 4 billion miles away from our Voyager 1 spacecraft, taken on Feb. 14, 1990.

Learn more: https://go.nasa.gov/39wDFCa
Print the poster: https://go.nasa.gov/2SFQ1Bq
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Little Rocky Glen,Factoryville,Pa
Icecapades at LRG - shoutout to Arendt's Outdoor Services, Inc. for brushhogging the Glen in preparation for warmer days ahead!

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